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Partha has been around 19 years in the IT space. Here are some important observations about his experience:
  • Worked as a programmer in India
  • Worked as an external consultant in England for a short duration for an insurance company.
    • Worked with client server technologies as a developer designer.
  • Worked as a developer and then as an onsite-offshore coordinator in the US
  • Worked as a lead architect for a multi million dollar statewide child welfare information system (USA).
  • Worked as an executive manager for a big-4 consulting company transitioning a multi-mil dollar project from Deloitte (USA).
  • Worked as an external consultant to the state of Texas assisting in the transition of their legacy system to a web based system (USA)..
  • Worked as an adjunct professor at the DeVRY university in Austin, TX teaching computer science to business managers (USA).
  • Product strategist for an LMS product
  • Founded Ciel Bleu Consulting Private Limited - Software Development, Internet Marketing, PPC and related ad campaign management.
  • He has authored several white papers and also a book on software architecture (ISBN: 0-8493-2142-5) titled ' Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java'.
He worked as a Programmer, Lead Architect and as a Manager, Management Executive at multinational corporations in the US. His architectural expertise is in the areas of distributed technologies, service-oriented architecture, model-driven architecture and software-as-a-service.

He possess a combination of a)Technology b)Management and c)Marketing skills.
in Yahoo News, WWJ NewsRadio etc
  • Author of the book titled “Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java” (ISBN: 0-8493-2142-5) . Currently translated to other foreign languages (Chinese).
  • Written an e-book titled 'Create Your Own Web Server' published on several Java user websites and
  • Published research work in leading national magazines and at
  • Written papers on asynchronous processing using both Java and MS technologies and others

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